Welcome back to the I-hate-technology venting site. Surely I am not the only one who cannot manage a LinkedIn or WordPress site. Here I am with both of them and be dogged if I can do little things like add clips or samples so prospective clients could see them. It’s worse than frustrating, it’s going to remove any chance I have of actually making some money to live on in my old age.

For the zillions of folks in my age range (born before the computer age began, whenever that was) and not raised on an iPhone, the challenge is greater, obviously. But is it just me who feels personally and paralytically dyslexic when it comes to clicking and dragging and linking and hyperlinking and all that jazz? And where can we go to find out this stuff – and I mean learn it, not just watch a video of someone else doing it – is what I need to know.

Anybody got any bright ideas on this subject? Mind you, I’m venting here, and a vent blog isn’t likely to get readers who don’t have a problem with the issues mentioned. So here we go again. If the only readers are those who identify with the problem, how do I reach the ones who can solve the problem? Wow. Good question. If I can answer it we’re getting somewhere.

First let me say that tutorial videos have so far failed to do the job for me. Now that may not be the case for you, and if it’s not, more power to you. But for me, everything in a video happens too fast, and inevitably whoever is doing the presenting assumes I know a whole lot more about which buttons do what and which icons mean what than I do. It took the sales rep at Sprint to point out the little icon that stands for ‘phone’ – not that it helped much, by the way.

Example: when I asked how to access my voicemail on the new Samsung, this guy pushed a button (didn’t mention anything, just pushed it) and LO, here’s the recording that says “enter your passcode” or whatever it says. So I jumped up and down and said ‘What did you just push?” and he pointed to the digit 1 on the keypad. Right. I was supposed to see the little phone (? who draws these things anyway?) and intuit that it meant I could hit that and get voicemail. Who knew? Not me, for sure, but apparently everybody else he ever dealt with.

So really what I’m doing here is whining pathetically, but I have little pride left when it comes to the failure of my brain to grasp what the younger generation(s) seem to know or pick up easily with just no sweat at all. In comparison I am constantly in a mental lather, and it’s more of a pain than anything worked up by sweating in the gym. Rather than rousing up those helpful endorphins, this lather just makes everything more slippery! Anybody who finds all this amusing can . . . help?!

Life and Death

Life and Death

We can resolve the ongoing warfare (might as well face it – that’s what it is) about abortion “rights”. Not that this will come as a surprise to most, but we can resolve just about any of the disagreements among us. All it takes, folks, is the ability to listen, to think, and to control our inborn fears and biases long enough to understand that they are not necessary to our survival.

I think there is a part of the survival instinct that is wired into every living thing plant or animal, and to humans no less than any other creature. Personal survival is probably the strongest instinct we’re born with, though there have been countless times throughout history when that instinct has been overcome or overwhelmed by the wish/need to save another creature from harm/death. These creatures usually get “hero” in their elegies.

So the issue of unborn human babies also comes down to survival. We have the pro-life side – and we’ll use that term only because it’s commonly known as applying to anti-abortionists. The arguments seem a bit muddy, as they waffle around about the exact length of time it takes from the meeting of sperm and egg to the creation of a human being. Wow. Tough one.

If you talk to a far-right, hard-core Bible-thumper you’ll probably hear that nothing should interfere with the growth and development of any fertilized egg. It’s meant to form a living fetus and grow into a fully formed infant and be born into the world and that’s that. From there you’re on your own, kid. That’s what kills me about the antis.
Get those babies born at any price, but after that? Who cares? This is of course not true about some of the pro-lifers, but tell me it’s not true of a whole lot of them. The ones who really don’t think past their own fears and prejudices.

Far from being 100% pro-abortion, I’m in the camp (and I know it’s a large one) of those who still consider that the lines are blurry and should stay that way. This almost has to be a case by case situation. Granted, no human has or should have the power to arbitrate when it comes to an unborn child. There are so many circumstances that sensible and compassionate people feel should allow for abortion if the woman involved so wishes.

There really is no simple answer and we shouldn’t expect one. The deciders, however, should be the woman involved and the doctor who facilitates the operation. A medical person who does not believe in pro-choice should not be required to assist in any way.
The decision should be weighed not in terms of convenience for the living, but in honest concern for the future of the unborn.

I believe that there is some force for ‘good’ in all of us, that we can trust to tell us right from wrong. That has to hold true for everyone or it’s no use, so to carry the notion a little further we have to accept that what seems right to one may not be the same as what seems right to another. We have different cultures, religious beliefs and customs that are ingrained in us from birth, depending on where and to whom we’re born.

Maybe there should be a simple test. Just answer the question: is this the right thing for me to do? And think about it honestly, to the best of your ability. Listen to your heart, if you’ll pardon the dramatics. Or to the voice from somewhere in your mind, whichever feels more real to you. Don’t pay attention to any voices from around the room, just to your own conscience (and we all have one whether we admit it or not.)

Then make your decision. You can’t make the one for somebody else, and no one should try to make yours for you.