Letter to the Editor

Mike Watson made several points in his March 23rd letter in the Richmond Times Dispatch about the plus side of offshore drilling. He says it’s an all-round great thing, with thousands of jobs created, income from industrial spending and additional tax revenues. He also says it’s safe for the people and the environment of Virginia.

Can anyone still not see that we need to get away from fossil fuel and the pollution that inevitably accompanies it? The classic ostrich theory – burying our heads in the sand and hoping a clear and present danger will go away because we don’t look at it – how absurd is that?

Have we also forgotten that oil is not being manufactured by Mother Nature at the rate we’re burning it? If nothing else is obvious, surely the undeniable fact that there is a foreseeable end to the availability of fossil fuels ought to encourage exploration in other areas.

The great benefits Mr. Watson speaks of resulting directly from offshore drilling would also result if the manpower, money and motivation were directed at the production and improvement of alternate, sustainable energy sources. Surely we could put the creativity and determination that go into the oil industry to a better use.

If all that money and technology going into oil and gas R & D were re-directed to wind and solar power, we would be a whole lot closer to energy solutions we – and future generations – can live with.