This is me

From There to Here

Global warming aside, the rate at which humans are using up or destroying the planet’s natural resources is enough to make anyone who’s paying attention call 911, but it does seem as if nobody’s answering the phone. So I have taken the proverbial flier by absconding from a long-term but mentally deadly job (with health insurance and a 401K) and leaped pretty much unprepared into the freelance writing business with the aim of writing about what I love and how to save it from the ravages of progress. What I want to do is write informative and irresistible copy about our natural environment – what humans are doing to degrade it, and what we as humans can do to sustain and nurture it.

However, to be called a business there really needs to be some product offered in return for a different product of approximately equal value. Not to complicate matters any further, that product can be anything anybody can think of (and produce) in return for whatever the buyer feels it’s worth in the prevailing currency. The trick, of course, is to understand to the greatest possible degree what a buyer wants, and then try to produce and offer it at a price the buyer is willing and able to pay.

Aha. And there’s the rub, as one eloquent fellow said quite a long time ago. Figuring out what is needed – and not just needed but at least subconsciously wanted – can be a daunting project. If what I write serves as a call to action for anyone with an interest in this subject that would be payment enough – if I were as unselfish as I’d like to be. Since I’m not, getting paid in the kind of coin that pays for groceries etc. is pretty high on the wish list.

So there’s my story, pretty much. By far the biggest hurdle I have to clear is the one that says, “Who do you think you are anyway? Nobody’s gonna listen to you. Are you kidding?” Yeah, that one looms right up there at the twenty-story level – so far above my head there’s a crick in my neck just looking at it. I do know that I’m not alone here; I’ve taken enough courses and watched/listened to enough webinars that I can see a good-sized crowd right where I’m standing. So to me and to all of you, let’s give it our best shot, and may I wish us all success!