Republicans and Christians and Trump! OH MY!

Sheesh.  I’ve just received a big envelope from the Faith and Freedom Coalition.  Now, I’m sure they’ve got their wires crossed, since I’ve been in a state of horrified disbelief ever since Nov. 2016. Be that as it may, this particular bunch of pages included a survey and a request for a donation to support the current administration, listing its many accomplishments. I almost tossed it in the recycle bin, but on second thought decided to vent some of my disgust.

The first and worst part of this ‘presentation’ from the FFers refers to Christian values, which they seem to think they’ve got a lock on. Personally I don’t think they pay much attention to the actual teachings of Christ. Like too many of us, too much of the time, they pick a phrase or two and bend it nicely to support their convictions (or at least the convictions they claim to have). Anytime anybody says “I’m right and you’re wrong and that’s the end of it” I am disposed to  doubt very seriously anything else they may say.

It seems that one big draw of FFism is the idea of closing our borders . . . to undesirable types such as anyone with pigmentation or ideology that differs from those they claim as their own – which in reality is anyone who disagrees with their (decidedly narrow) viewpoint. They seem to have forgotten or managed somehow to rationalize away the fact that this country was founded on the presumption of equality among people, not “people like us in every way”.  Not to mention the notion that church and state should be separate; that the government operates on the principle of justice for all, and no religion can or should be forced upon anyone.

But alas, I’m off target here.  What I cannot discern is how this ‘moral’ and ‘righteous’ bunch can continue to cheer on a man who has proven himself again and again to be a bully and a liar, to mention only two of his defining characteristics.  If this is what you’re lauding as a great leader, I fear very much for this country and for the rest of the planet, since the U.S.A. has, at least until recently, been considered the greatest nation in the world.  If the FFers think they’re the true Christians, I think they need to go back and check their sources.