Welcome to my blog!

Hello Everyone, and welcome to a very new and undisciplined blog. There will be major improvements made in the content – as soon as I figure out how this whole thing works. I promise. How long the figuring out will take is another matter altogether.
Fountain pen image, public domain from Pixabay

Let me briefly introduce myself. I’m Jeannie Michael, and I’m a writer, despite the fact that at present I have a day job that pays the bills and gives me ulcers but does not involve writing in any way. I may tell you about that later; for now, it’s too embarrassing.

I’ve been writing for my own entertainment since I learned to read, but only for the past ten years or so has any of it been for publication. Starting with a couple of the so-called content mills such as ifeelance.com, I lucked out with one ‘content provider’ who had clients all over the place wanting articles on every subject from kitchen cabinets to evidence of water on Mars. Then he started a blog reviewing movies and putting together bios on current celebrities. Then he started doing in-depth reviews of tourist towns on the Costa Blanca. So that’s what I’ve been writing about, amongst other interesting and not-so-interesting subjects.

Basically, I’m a darn good researcher and will tackle most anything, with the very notable exception of modern technology. If it’s technical, electrical, digital or the like, I’ll avoid it like the proverbial plague because it bytes. (Sometimes I just have to entertain myself, sorry.)

Most of what I’ve written for my main client has been published online, but never with my name as author. I do have permission to use any of it as “samples” of my work, so there will be some of those posted – again, as soon as I get a handle on the inner and outer workings of NAIWE and Word Press. With a lot of help from kind and encouraging folks in this organization, I’m working on it, so please stay tuned.